Friday, March 17, 2006

St Patricks Day !!!

Happy St Patricks Day !!!

I'm still knitting on the same items as before, guess I'm just not as fast a knitter as I thought. I am preoccupied with NCAA basketball tournement though, and running the "Pool" at work. Some of the games make it hard to concentrate on the knitting.
Last night was Knit Night at HANDWEAVERS We made little socks that made a book marker. Amazing how hard little things can be, plus there was a "little" confussion with the instructions. BIG GRIN

The bus trip is on for STITCHES MIDWEST on AUGUST 11th 2006. Sign up is at the Handweaver Shop and seats are limited to only 35 people. Cost is $40. If you need more details contact me, Kathy Byrnes or the shop.

Well, it's time to head to Handweavers for the Friday afternoon Stitch and *itch group. Have a safe day and may all your yarn be magically beauticious.........

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