Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Olympics Over

The knitting Olympics are over, and alas, I did not finish the hooded baby sweater..
My tendonitis is slowing getting better, and I am again knitting on my sweater for class tomorrow night.
I did not go to Square Class tonight, as I went to the gym and did some much needed exercising. Too much knitting isn't good for the "Bottom" line...

Hope all who finished enjoy posting their Gold Medals...I will strive to do better in 2008.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

It dosen't fit boo hoo

Well I just finished the Side to Side vest, and I'm a foot too short. After all the work, it's too long for me and my larger sit-apon. I'm really bummed, but maybe it's time to learn how to streck, and just go for it. Or I could give it to someone tall who it does fit. Or maybe I should get a torso extentsion done.

On another note, today was the last day of "Butterfly Lace Shawl" class, and I did not finish...I would like to add for the record that I am injured and will more than likely not finish my Olympic sweater either...There I said it. My injury is tendonitis in my right arm, I'm sure due to too much knitting, and not enough streching, massaging etc.

I hope to rebound and finish my shawl now and contemplate what to do with the vest.

Comments anyone????

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I got a cold....

Boy, oh boy do I have a cold. The old fashioned sore throat- runny nose- cough- fever-think-I-might-die-COLD. I have been out of it for the past 48 hours at least..and still feel in a daze. I did cast on my Olympic project on Friday, but haven't done very much on it. Lucky this is a two week event. Hope all my buddies are feeling good, and not spending valuable knitting time in bed drugged...unless of coarse that is their decision. Well need to input some fluids so will close for now...KNIT ON

Monday, February 06, 2006

A Monday Quickie

It's almost midnight, so this has to be quick. Went to Battle Creek yesterday morning for the Quiltery's annual Super Bowl sale. 30% off everything. Good sale, and I got stuff....of coarse I did. After the sale 5 of us went to Barnes and Noble to have coffee and solve the worlds problems. So don't you feel better now, knowing that?
Have tentativley planned on going to Stiches Midwest on Aug 11th in Chicago...more details to follow. Are you interested? We thought a bus might be a nice idea.
Time's up....Until the next blurb.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Snowy Early Sunday Morning

Well, I did a bad thing and took a nap this afternoon, so here I am still up as the snow fly's outside. Have been catching up on the YarnHarlots' posts for the Knitting Olympics. Plus I found a link to her interview http://www.theworld.org/latesteditions/02/20060203.shtml
It's really cute and is from NPR/PRI. I'm really getting excited, less than a week until we cast on. I'm getting my needles waxed and ready, plus the yarn has been balled - or should I say rolled???? Anyway, if you're reading this, and not in the Olympics you should consider it.
Had my Butterfly Lace class today, and boy are we good. Such beautiful work being done by such wonderful women.....We really had fun, and even did some knitting. The store was busy with people buying yarn and other goodies...which is a really good thing. Well guess this is enough for now...
By the way, I've heard that there are others who have found this site...Let me know who you are...

Friday, February 03, 2006

Finally Friday

Well I made it through another week of work --- only eon's left before I can retire and just knit and read.
From what I can tell, [by reading the comments on her site] the YarnHarlot was on NPR today talking about the Knitting Olympics. There are over 2500 knitters signed up at this point, and there is still a week to go. I can only imagine the loud sound of needles meeting yarn as the "games" begin. This whole Olympic knitting event has even over taken the Superbowl and Survivor!!!There is a chance for our world yet. Now if we could only replace Weapons of Destruction with Needles, Wool and Instructions. I'm taking 4 days of vacation to insure my completion. That isn't considered Perfomance Enhancement is it???
Side to Side Vest = 6 rows left plus buttons, and weaving in ends....
Tomorrow is Butterfly Shawl class...I'm on row 54

I had my FIRST comment from Geri...oh my gosh, someone found my site...guess I'll have to behave myself now.

P.S. Written in Red in honor of Women's Heart Awareness Day

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Vested Interest....

Spent the afternoon at Handweaver's finishing up the Side to Side vest. [I didn't really finish it just quite yet...but it's really, really close] There was a nice group of us [seven] sitting around the fireplace and knitting on a beautiful 50 degree plus day in winter. Guess this tells you were our priorities are!!!
No new yarn purchases in days now...must save myself for future trips and classes. The Butterfly Lace class is this Saturday and hope that I'm not too far behind the rest of the class. Guess I should be knitting now, instead of Blogging.
Still reading Mary Mary, and haven't started anything new.
Until my next post....