Monday, January 23, 2006

Sunny day - cloudy body

Well, it's Monday, and the "cold bug" has finally caught me. Feeling moderatly cloudy today with fever chills and general malaise...uck .

I started reading "Mary Mary" by John Sandford...pretty good so far. It's an Alex Cross story and I really enjoy them for a diversion. I read my books on my iPAQ and get most of them from Fictionwise. Just finished listing to "Ordinary Hero's" by Scott Turow on my Rio. I really liked it...a interesting WWII story. Next from Audible is "The Lighthouse" by P.D. James. This one is an Inspector Dalgliesh story, so I'm sure I will like it.

As for the knitting I am working on The Butterfly Lace shawl [see picture above]for a class I am taking at Handweavers Inspiring Yarn shop. I am also working on a "Skater Beanie" for my nephew Joe the hockey player. It's pattern found in "Not just Socks"by Sandi Rosner

Well enough for this post...more later

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