Saturday, February 18, 2006

It dosen't fit boo hoo

Well I just finished the Side to Side vest, and I'm a foot too short. After all the work, it's too long for me and my larger sit-apon. I'm really bummed, but maybe it's time to learn how to streck, and just go for it. Or I could give it to someone tall who it does fit. Or maybe I should get a torso extentsion done.

On another note, today was the last day of "Butterfly Lace Shawl" class, and I did not finish...I would like to add for the record that I am injured and will more than likely not finish my Olympic sweater either...There I said it. My injury is tendonitis in my right arm, I'm sure due to too much knitting, and not enough streching, massaging etc.

I hope to rebound and finish my shawl now and contemplate what to do with the vest.

Comments anyone????

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