Sunday, February 05, 2006

Snowy Early Sunday Morning

Well, I did a bad thing and took a nap this afternoon, so here I am still up as the snow fly's outside. Have been catching up on the YarnHarlots' posts for the Knitting Olympics. Plus I found a link to her interview
It's really cute and is from NPR/PRI. I'm really getting excited, less than a week until we cast on. I'm getting my needles waxed and ready, plus the yarn has been balled - or should I say rolled???? Anyway, if you're reading this, and not in the Olympics you should consider it.
Had my Butterfly Lace class today, and boy are we good. Such beautiful work being done by such wonderful women.....We really had fun, and even did some knitting. The store was busy with people buying yarn and other goodies...which is a really good thing. Well guess this is enough for now...
By the way, I've heard that there are others who have found this site...Let me know who you are...

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Geri Redmond said...

Hey, Linda,
Happy snowy Sunday to you! I have been thinking about joining the Knitting Olympics, but not sure just what would be the perfect challenge project! Not wanting to stress myself to the MAX, I'm considering carefully. Thanks for those links!

Hugs and Happy Knitting, Geri