Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Vested Interest....

Spent the afternoon at Handweaver's finishing up the Side to Side vest. [I didn't really finish it just quite yet...but it's really, really close] There was a nice group of us [seven] sitting around the fireplace and knitting on a beautiful 50 degree plus day in winter. Guess this tells you were our priorities are!!!
No new yarn purchases in days now...must save myself for future trips and classes. The Butterfly Lace class is this Saturday and hope that I'm not too far behind the rest of the class. Guess I should be knitting now, instead of Blogging.
Still reading Mary Mary, and haven't started anything new.
Until my next post....

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Geri Redmond said...

Hey there Linda! Love your blog/website, whatever it is :) So enjoyed reading your posts and knitting with you at Handweavers on Wed pm Hoping this goes through, since I know litle to nothing about blogs! You are very clever and I will be looking forward to reading your next post:)